Milk Suppliers

The quality of ewe's and goat's milk we collect, together with our experience in cheese-making, result in the high quality of our Feta LYTRAS, its unique aroma, flavor, consistency and characteristics.

We share relationships of confidence and engagement with our milk suppliers. Together with them we assure that they use the best practices for their herds’ welfare, the sustainable performance of their farm and their constant care for the quality of the milk they deliver.

Most of our farmers supply us with their sheep and goat milk for years; their fathers grew old and their children continue to manage the flocks conforming to the present needs related to the buildings, the milking and the prevention and cure of animal diseases, working closely with skilled vets.

Unique milk for our Feta and the Greek microclimate

Sheep and goats of our farmers are hardy, resilient, and well adapted to local climate formed by the nature of the terrain, where mountains with snowcapped peaks reach the Aegean sea, the sun shines most of the year and pasture lands are full with a surprising variety of flora, comprising of over 6.000 species, unique in its number of endemic species.

To ensure that their herds have access to enough food, our farmers allow their animals to graze freely over the pasture lands even during the winter.

These sheep and goats give relatively low quantities of milk which is particularly rich in chemical composition and with exceptional organoleptic properties.