Sustainable Development

“Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

We are devoted to an endless approach of our business processes linked to financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities in such a way to contribute to strong communities and healthy ecosystems.

We wish our children, our employees and the community to inherit from us the future they deserve, so we aim to address important issues such as environmental accountability, health and wellness, social equity, productivity and economic efficiency at the macro level.

To pursuit our objective of sustainable development, we have adopted an interactive system of policies and procedures (Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Business Practices, Waste management policy) evaluation and control.

Improve the quality of human and animals life

We take all safety measures to protect our people’s health and wellness. We assure internal fairness to encourage our devoted employees to offer all their attention to their job and enjoy a decent life status.

We provide our farmers with a financial support in order acquire necessary supplies for their herds, on time.

Protect the health of land, air and water

We use an environmentally friendly fuel as energy source, natural gas, which produces 30-40% less carbon dioxide per unit of energy released, compared to other energy sources like oil. It’s also non-toxic, not polluting for the ground and it does not leave unsightly ash, soot and bad odors.

We apply a recycling schedule for all recyclable materials (plastic, metal, wood, paper) which we use in the factory.

The whey remaining after the cheese production is collected by pig farmers.